First-Time Home Buyers

This is an exciting time. Whether you’re just starting to think about home ownership or you’ve been saving and researching for years, we’d love to help you achieve this dream.

If there’s one bit of advice, it’s this: move slowly so that you can act quickly. We’ll explain below.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Planning Makes Possible

Owning a home is a very abstract goal. Setting an exact savings goal is very concrete.

When you sit down with one of our brokers, we’re glad to talk with you, learn more about where you are today, and help you plan the appropriate next steps.

Sometimes that next step is to meet with mortgage lenders and get pre-approved, sometimes it’s building a 5-year personal finance target. No matter where you are, we’re here for you.

Acting quickly

It’s no secret that the Asheville real estate market has been hot for a while. That’s perhaps especially true in the just-about-perfect-for-most-first-time-buyers size and price range. Homes can move very quickly.

For this reason, we work with our first time buyers so that all of the details that can be prepared in advance are ready to go. We can watch the market together and act quickly with full knowledge of what details you love in a home and will actually work with your budget and lifestyle.

Are You Up For A Coffee Or A Call?​

As a first time home buyer, we recommend you meet your real estate agent and get to know one another before you plan to act on purchasing a home. So, how do you take your coffee?